What is Regex Storm?

Regex Storm is a website dedicated to helping you build and test .NET regular expressions. My primary goal was to create a .NET regex tester that was powerful and provided lots of useful information, while also keeping the interface clean and easy to use.

Key features:

  • Ajax-driven .NET regex tester finds matches in real-time, as you type.
  • Regex matches are highlighted in context, right where you typed them in.
  • Quick tabs show all the details, such as groups, captures, positions, splits, and more.
  • Permalink lets you bookmark your regex or share it with someone else.
  • Complete regex reference page links directly to helpful examples.
  • Instantly find unfamiliar regex elements with the regex element quick search.

More stuff!

Regex Storm is open source. You can find all source code and assets in the GitHub repo.

If you have any comments or suggestions, I want to hear them. Please send me an email at will@coders-spam-misdirect-block.com.

Check out more of my stuff at Coder's Block.


Thanks to the following for assets used on this site: